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Aspire RF Eye Lifting


Our radio frequency (RF) eye Lifting is a non-invasive treatment, designed to treat 6 skin problems around the eyes & Lip Lines.

Rf Eye Lift Device, Combine 3 Technologies Into 1 Machine:

  1. Advanced 2.000.000 Hz radio freuqency technology perfect for eyes lifting, eye bags improvement and dark circle lightening etc.
  2. Ultrasonic vibration massage(20,000 times per second) helps to relax your eyes, relieve the tiredness and dryness.
  3. Special Roll ball design combining with rf heating, deeply import essence into eyes skin,so that the nutrition is fully absorbed by skin.

Targeted radio frequency is used to stimulate collagen regrowth, leading to reduced lines and healthier younger looking skin. The RF applicator emits a frequency between 3-300Ghz, penetrating the epidermis and heating it to approximately 40 degrees Celsius. The thermal energy causes collagen fibres to contract and strengthen. The treatment also facilitates the growth of new collagen fibres. As the collagen is replenished, the skin gains new elasticity and fine lines and wrinkles are decreased.

1 machine solves 6 skin problems around eyes

①Improve fine lines

②Eyes Lifting

③Smooth eye bags

④Eyes relaxation

⑤Dark Circle Lightening

⑥Lift droopy eyelids

Treatment Scope

  • Eye wrinkles removal
  • Eye bags and eye circles improving
  • Essence introduction into skin (better absorbed)
  • Firming & tightening
  • Eliminate eye edema


The radio frequency wave penerates the barrier of epidermal basalmelanocytes,shrinking the collagen fibers to 55-600C to tighten loose skin,stimulate collagen regenerationand restore skin elasticity gradually.

The treatment is quick and painless. Throughout the procedure, your practitioner will constantly monitor the temperature of the applicator to ensure you are comfortable. Using Radio frequency and ultrasonic vibration, hyaluronic serum is placed within the head which aids the treatment to improve fine lines, droopy eyelids, and reduce dark circles.

Sessions last up to 30 mins. You may experience some mild swelling and redness, but this will fade within 24 hrs. Some clients may notice a difference with 1 treatment but for deeper lines and wrinkles, it’s recommended that a course of 5 or 10 will be beneficial to obtain maximum results.