Did you know? Cosmetic fillers are often stigmatized for creating unnatural outcomes. The most commonplace complaint from over 30 of my patients is that they fear they will look unnatural. For instance, my patients have been known to reference “Kylie Jenner” lips and truly believe that this is the standard of what cosmetic fillers will do.

Kyle Jenner Lips?

I’ve also been privy to the fact that the “fakeness stigma” has also been seen in treatments such as botox, for instance, looking unnaturally stiff and lacking the ability to show expressions. 
The truth is quite different: a number of younger patients might want that look and even strive towards it, but that is only one possible result of using these products. In my older patients, ‘cosmetics’ is used for restoration purposes. We work and train to create a subtle, soft look, rather than to “pile on” -restoring the characteristics lost to time, rather than manufacture features that were never there.

What is the point of Cosmetic Fillers?

The idea of cosmetic fillers is not to create unnatural characteristics or add unnatural characteristics, but rather to restore or add to the character that was there previously. Cosmetics should ultimately be used as an expression of what makes the patient happy, rather done for peer pressure or societal demand. 
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