Botox has many applications, both medical and cosmetic.
  1. Migraines: in addition to softening muscles, Botox can block transmission of pain-causing neurotransmitters in migraine
  2. Sweating: the neurotransmitters causing sweating are the same ones causing sweating, this is especially helpful in the armpits, hands, and feet
  3. Lifting: Botox can also be used to provide a lift the eyebrows by weakening parts of the frontalis muscle
  4. Muscles: for patients with neurological disease, it can weaken the muscles that are forced to contract due to nerve damage
  5. Wrinkles, it can, of course, soften wrinkles in the forehead and the corrigator muscles, but in soft a way that it does not cause a mechanical freezing
  6. Chin dimples: muscle weakening can also cause other effects, such as reducing chin dimples.

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