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Aspire Care Cosmetic Clinic
- Cosmetic Services

Aspire Care Cosmetic Clinic
-Cosmetic Services

When you choose to get a cosmetic treatment, you are placing your face and body to the care of someone with a needle or instrument. Aspire knows you have placed immense trust in us. Our promise to you is that your trust will be honoured and well-founded.

Our centre believes that medical and aesthetic skin care need not be separate, but function best together to give our patients the best care possible. Our team is known and trusted for our medical skill, aesthetic techniques, and professionalism not only in Airdrie, but also by our patients in Calgary, Red Deer, and Drumheller.

You will leave our clinic feeling fresh, radiant, and the best version of yourself, full of confidence in knowing you chose the right place for your care. This is what it means to be a patient at Aspire.

All of our treatments are Health Canada approved, and backed by the leadership of our skin and anatomy expert, Dr. Charles Wang.

Why Choose Aspire?

We know you have choices. Botox® and laser hair removal clinics are popping up everywhere, but when you’re trusting your face and body to someone with a needle or piece of equipment, experience matters—our team and doctors not only have years of experience with both medical and cosmetic patients from our own clinic, but also are experienced with clinical research, advising other cosmetic clinics, and troubleshooting patients from other healthcare providers. We aspire not only to be the people you would trust, but the people who our colleagues would trust.

Below, you will find an introduction to some of our services.

Important Notices

You DO NOT need a referral to book a cosmetic consultation at Aspire Care Cosmetic Clinic.

PLEASE NOTE: due to Alberta Health mandates, if your concern is primarily a medical issue, we may direct you to our Skin Clinic, and this may require a referral from a medical professional to see Dr. Wang. (A medical professional can include: a medical doctor, audiologist, registered midwife, chiropractor, podiatrist, dentist, optometrist, physical therapist or nurse practitioner licensed in Alberta)

Our Patients' Favorite Treatments

Why Choose Aspire

Experience in care

Our patients come from clinics, ERs, and online. Our experts are well prepared to deal with conditions both common and complex.

The right answers

Successful treatments rely on both an accurate diagnosis, and an appropriate treatment. We approach from as many angles as necessary to get both parts right.

Coordinated care

We carefully craft our clinic culture and team dynamics. Teams of experts work together to provide holistic, multifaceted answers.

Solving the problem

Medicine relies on both understanding of medicine, and understanding of patient preferences. We address the underlying medical issues, and what is meaningful to the patient.

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