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Post Care Cantharone

1. If a tape/Band Aid was applied: Carefully remove the applied tape/Band Aid after _______ hours at _______:_______ AM / PM, and cleanse with the alcohol pad provided.
2. Over the next 12-24 hours, an intense blister(s) or a blood blister(s) usually will occur. Red inflamed skin will be underneath and around the blister.
3. The treated area will be tender for 2-3 days. If you experience discomfort, you may take Tylenol as directed.
4. Try to keep the blister intact for as long as possible. If the blister is extremely tense and uncomfortable, you may cleanse the blister with alcohol and carefully nick the blister with a sterilized needle. Allow the
fluid to drain onto a tissue. Be sure not to allow any drainage to touch normal skin, as this fluid may contain the wart virus and could possibly spread to unaffected areas.
5. Cleanse the area 1-2 times daily with a gentle soap and warm water (i.e., Dove®, CeraVe®, or Cetaphil®). Apply Vaseline®, Polysporin, or Bacitracin ointment and cover with a Band-Aid.
6. A follow-up appointment should be scheduled for approximately 4-6 weeks after treatment. It is common for multiple treatments to be required to fully remove the wart(s).
If you have any questions about the treated area(s), please contact our office at 403.980.2750.