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Post Care Cryosurgery (LIquid Nitrogen) Therapy

Cryosurgery involves using liquid nitrogen (approximately -320 degrees F) to freeze and destroy abnormal skin tissues including, but not limited to, warts, skin tags, seborrheic keratosis, actinic keratosis, and other benign or pre-cancerous growths. 

Aspire Care Clinic uses liquid nitrogen by spraying the liquid directly on the skin growth. This causes some stinging and burning while the growth is being frozen and may continue while it thaws. Throbbing may persist on treatment areas, especially the face and forehead, but this will not last long. (We recommend Tylenol or Advil for any persistent pain.)

What to Expect

The area that was treated will become red, swollen, and develop a blister. It will then form a scab after a few days. 

Keep area moist using an ointment or Vaseline. This will help the area heal quicker and leave less of a mark. Keep covered is area gets rubbed frequently. (Waist, Bra line, etc.) 

Do not try to remove the blister yourself, this could leave you open to the possibility of infection. 

Clean the area treated with soap and water as you normally would. 

It is fine to get the area wet; however, be sure to blot it dry carefully and delicately. Avoid taking long baths, swimming for at least a day after treatment. If treated area(s) are on the hands wear gloves when doing dishes. 

The scab will crust over and fall off on its own within 1-2 weeks. A second scab may form as well, and it too will shed on its own. 

Healing takes 1-3 weeks, after which the skin may look perfectly normal or slightly lighter in color. 

If you start to experience signs of an infection such as fever, swelling, tenderness, or oozing from the site, or if the site becomes thickened or raised, contact our office immediately