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Microneedling with the InnoPen, a Health Canada approved device, rejuvenates skin by creating controlled micro-injuries. This stimulates collagen and elastin production, addressing issues like fine lines and scars. The InnoPen’s precision and safety make it a trusted choice for skin renewal, offering a non-surgical solution for a refreshed complexion.


Microneedling Face  $300 / session
Package 3 for $750

Microneedling Face + Neck  $400 / session
Package 3 for $900

Microneedling Back  $500 / session
Package 3 for $1200

PRP + Microneedling Face $450 / session
Package 4 for $1350


Jelly Mask – $28  /session


I recently had a microneedling treatment at Aspire Care Clinic, and it exceeded my expectations. The staff was welcoming, and the practitioner’s expertise with the InnoPen made the process comfortable and efficient. In just a few days, I noticed a significant improvement in my skin texture and a reduction in fine lines. Aspire Care Clinic provides top-notch service, and I highly recommend them for a professional microneedling experience. Thank you, Aspire Care Clinic!

Lori Z.

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