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MiniFX is a non-invasive body contouring treatment using radiofrequency technology to target stubborn fat, reduce cellulite, and tighten skin. It’s effective, comfortable, and offers minimal downtime, making it an ideal choice for achieving a more sculpted and toned body.

MiniFX Treatment

1 Zone (Time Per Session 5 – 8  Min)  $100
Package 8 for Zone  $650

2 Zones (Time Per Session 10 – 16 Min)  $200
Package 8 for 2 Zones  $1200



MiniFX is a comprehensive submental contouring treatment that combines radiofrequency (RF) energy and negative pressure massage to address common submental concerns. RF energy precisely targets the area beneath the chin, heating and contracting fat cells, a process called lipolysis, which breaks down fat for natural elimination. MiniFX also targets connective tissues responsible for submental cellulite, smoothing the skin and reducing dimpling.

Furthermore, RF energy’s controlled heat stimulates collagen production in deeper skin layers, enhancing elasticity and firmness. The procedure includes a negative pressure massage that disperses released fat, improving circulation and encouraging lymphatic drainage for fat and toxin removal. These processes lead to fat reduction, improved submental appearance, and skin tightening. MiniFX offers a comfortable, non-invasive approach to submental contouring, with progressive results that can be optimized through multiple sessions.



  1. Consultation: Initial assessment and personalized treatment plan.

  2. Preparation: Wear appropriate clothing, arrive with clean skin.

  3. Treatment Duration: 8 minutes to 16 minutes, depending on the areas treated.

  4. Sensations: Comfortable warming sensation during treatment.

  5. No Downtime: Minimal interruption to daily life.

  6. Immediate and Progressive Results: Some immediate and more pronounced results after multiple sessions.

  7. Post-Treatment Care: Follow provided instructions for sun exposure and hydration.

  8. Follow-Up Consultation: Assess progress and determine the need for additional sessions.


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My recent MiniFX experience was a revelation. The treatments were comfortable, and the impressive results in fat reduction, cellulite reduction, and skin tightening were inspiring. MiniFX’s natural-looking results and no downtime make it a game-changer for achieving a sculpted submental area. I’m thrilled with the transformation it provided.

Sam L.

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No, MiniFX treatments are typically not painful. Patients commonly experience a comfortable, warm sensation during the procedure. It’s well-designed to be easily tolerated, requiring no anesthesia or numbing creams. Most people find it painless and relaxing, making it an appealing choice for submental contouring without the discomfort of some other treatments.

Results from MiniFX treatments may vary, but you could observe immediate skin tightening. Significant changes usually become visible after a series of sessions, typically over several weeks to months. Regular consultations with your practitioner will aid in monitoring progress and modifying the treatment plan as necessary.

MiniFX treatments are renowned for their minimal downtime. Most individuals can resume their daily activities right after a session. There might be some temporary redness or warmth in the treated area, but this usually dissipates swiftly. The limited recovery time makes MiniFX a convenient choice for those with busy schedules and active lifestyles.

Yes, a consultation before a MiniFX treatment is recommended. In this session, a skilled practitioner will evaluate your concerns, discuss your goals, and create a customized treatment plan to suit your unique needs. This consultation is essential to confirm that MiniFX is the right choice for you and to determine the best approach for your submental contouring goals. It’s also a chance to ask questions and address any concerns you may have about the treatment

MiniFX treatments are versatile and effective for addressing various submental concerns, including fat reduction, cellulite improvement, skin tightening, submental contouring, and post-pregnancy skin issues. It offers a non-invasive solution for those seeking a more sculpted and rejuvenated submental appearance, with results that enhance confidence and overall well-being.